Ringette season has started and we have some vacant positions on our board. If you’d like to have your say, if you’d like to see changes, if you just love the sport your daughter plays and would like to be more involved, please reach out to Janna Treleman:


·              Preside at all meetings of the Board

·              Call the meetings of the Board

·              Serve as tie breaking vote for all Board meetings as required

·              Sign as the signing officer of the SJRA for contractual items

·              Be the official representative of SJRA to the MRA

·              Ensure SJRA is represented at all applicable MRA and WRL meetings

·              Oversee and approve the development of the annual report

·              Represent SJRA to the media when opportunities exist

·              Be an ex officio member of all committees



·              Provide statistical information for the annual report on registration levels

·              Oversee the SJRA registration process

·              Oversee the evaluation process

·              Oversee the team formation process

·              Prepare rosters for submission to governing bodies for all SJRA teams

·              Oversee requests for age advancement and releases

·              Protect the privacy of Member information collected through evaluations and registration

·              Oversee an annual Come Try Ringette (CTR) event


Minor Officials

·              Oversee conduct of all timekeepers

·              Act as a contact with the WRL for matters related to Minor Officials

·              Recruit timekeepers

·              Prepare and submit Official’s billing as required

·              Ensure shot clocks are available and in good working order for all games as required


Ice Convenor

·              Responsible to submit SJRA’s request for ice to the Department of Parks and Recreation

·              Represent SJRA at all ice user meetings

·              Distribute ice to SJRA teams in a fair and equitable manner

·              Prepare ice billings as required